Breathing, Awareness and Joy Acting Classes

On The Breath for Actors: .
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Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Welcoming Those With All levels of Experience and Training.

Wherever you are in your life long journey as an actor, adding awareness of breath (while seeking the joy of your own experience) to your tool bag will enhance your process, open your imagination, free your body and guide you towards expanding the depth and breadth of your acting instrument which is YOU!

Carol offers private sessions electronically, via Skype, Face Time, etc.

Inspiration to Expression for Clergy…… etc.
Private sessions only

Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Breath by Breath

Inspired Leadership for Clergy and Religious Educators

Think breath, instead of simply inhaling and exhaling, allow your mind to open to the wonder of inspiration and expression. Imagine that every time you receive a breath you are inhaling divine love and guidance and every time you express yourself, that your words, melodies and silence come forth, generously sharig your truth, your knowledge and what is in your heart.

Join Carol in a series of private sessions, designed just for you, that will serve to introduce you to soul-nourishing specific and reliable techniques designed to bring ease, joy and meaning to your spiritual offerings.

With her special combination of theatrical skill, teaching experience and devotion to Torah, master teacher Carol Fox Prescott, is beautifully attuned to rabbis, ministers and priests, cantors, seminary students, and religious educators. In this sacred setting you will embody Breath by Breath techniques, sanctifying your communications, spiritual intention and prayer to become ever more authentic, spirited and generous as creative transmitters of the depth and breadth of your calling.

Intensive Workshops with Acting International, Paris and NewYork

The twelfth annual week long intensive in expanding your acting skills through breathing, awareness and joy. Join this wondrous week of growth and exploration in French and English.
Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

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