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Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Master teacher, Carol Fox Prescott, is renowned for her transformative, physical approach to acting, performance, and presentation. Based on breathing, awareness, and joy, it is designed to open hearts, craft deeply human characters, and encourage outrageous bouts of imagination while happily re-channeling performance anxiety into free-flowing, intuitive, genuine self-expression.

She brings 50 years of experience in professional theater to individuals from all walks of life, enabling breakthroughs in authenticity, personal growth, and creativity. Carol’s clients include professional actors, comedians, improvisers, dancers, singers, clergy, attorneys, doctors, artists, writers, public speakers, life coaches, and educators, anyone for whom presentation and self-discovery are essential for success.

She is one of fifty teachers in The United States chosen to be included in the book “Acting: A Vital Tradition” by Ronald Rand and is one of four master teachers in New York recommended by “The Actor’s Pocket Guide to NYC.” She studied acting with Joshua Shelley, Robert Lewis, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Michael Moriarty, and has played leading roles in New York, National Touring Companies, and Regional Theaters throughout the United States, playing opposite such luminaries as Zero Mostel, Mickey Rooney, Hal Holbrook, Luther Adler, Theodore Bikel, and Robert Guillaume.

Carol’s teaching career began at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the T. Schreiber Studio in New York City after which she created Carol Fox Prescott: Acting Classes, a studio of her own. From New York, she brought her work to many cities including Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Seattle, and countries including Australia, Canada, France, and Switzerland.

Now, having taught throughout the globe, her virtual classes are filled with people from many different places enjoying an amazing blend of personalities and nationalities.

Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

Carol is the author of “Breathing Awareness and Joy: An Approach to Acting for the 21st Century”, “Some of These Days”, a one-woman show, about vaudeville star Sophie Tucker which was performed both in the United States and Canada and “In The Voice of Our Mothers,” a 90-minute, five-character play taking us deep inside the lives of our biblical matriarchs. She spent two years working with incarcerated men in a program called Exodus at The Shawngunk Correctional Facility, a men’s maximum-security prison in upstate NY. where she introduced the men to her breathing techniques and helped to facilitate their journey in becoming good citizens in or out of prison.


“I don’t know how to put this into words right now, but I am so deeply grateful for your classes this year.  Absolutely the best thing to come out of this difficult year, and something that I look forward to each week.  It has been a wonderful surprise how your eagle eye and on-target guidance come through the Zoom window without any diminishment.  I generally don’t love being on Zoom and am Zoomed out, but your classes are the exception.  And I love that you are adapting and being creative with the new format.”

I’m seeing  so much growth in each one of us.  So while most of 2020 has been a holding pattern of anxiety and depression – one thing I have to show for it is becoming a better, more confident actor.  This is a huge thing for me.


“Carol was my first acting teacher in New York City, back in the day. Her impact on my life and work has been immeasurable. And I can’t say enough about her book. It’s like Mom’s old recipes I wish I had. I carry it with me, always within reach. It gives me a great comfort to know I can refer to it whenever I’m jammed up in a scene, or in need of some inspired insight. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a way to unlock their creative potential.”

…Elias Koteas, Actor


Acting Classes - Breathing, Awareness and Joy

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